The Hag

The Divine Feminine, and other stupidities

Please remind me never, ever, ever to read books about the “divine feminine” again, especially if they are written by a man.

The feminine, as I know perfectly well thanks to Mary Daly, is a male fantasy, a patriarchal projection, a concocted nonsense of all the gentle pretty passive things women are supposed to be, which they try to force us to be, which they say their male god made us to be.

Fuck that, says Kali the Destroyer, Cerridwen, Hecate, or any wolf bitch snarling at you over her pups and daring you to come any closer. Fuck your wishy-washy, soft, mystical moonshine and your pretty fairy dresses. We are fat and ugly and dressed in animal skins, our feet planted in the soil, unafraid of death and the smell of rotting things, which give life to the trees. Continue reading

Numerology for Alpha Bitches

Male spiritual teachers often love their numerology, and especially the number 1.  Numbers exist as forms and ideas before mere matter is invigorated by them, and thus have deep cosmic significance.

Here are a few gems about the number 1 from the interwebz:

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