at the end

in love with a dying world

or is it just we who die?

choked on the fumes of our hubris,

paws stuck in the peanut jar,

a plague of chattering apes –

and yet the hummingbird’s wing

the scouring wind

the brief extravagance of the cactus flower

and yet

saying no to spirit

I hesitate to claim any sort of cosmology, any relationship to established religion, to Western esotericism, or to those Eastern traditions so eagerly co-opted by Western seekers.  But I think it’s time we stopped talking about spirit, which has become synonymous with god, which has always been synonymous with the male.  “If god is male, then the male is god”, as Mary Daly pointed out in her seminal work Beyond God the Father.

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Ayn Rand on Original Sin

I’m not normally a huge Ayn Rand fan.  Because of her background and escape from the Soviet Union, she was, I think, too quick to discount the collective forces on us, and thus to judge people for their individual failures when those failures were primarily the result of outside pressures.

But I’ve always loved her marvellous peroration against the toxic and morally bankrupt concept of original sin, from John Galt’s soliloquy in Atlas Shrugged.  Here’s some of it: Continue reading

The Divine Feminine, and other stupidities

Please remind me never, ever, ever to read books about the “divine feminine” again, especially if they are written by a man.

The feminine, as I know perfectly well thanks to Mary Daly, is a male fantasy, a patriarchal projection, a concocted nonsense of all the gentle pretty passive things women are supposed to be, which they try to force us to be, which they say their male god made us to be.

Fuck that, says Kali the Destroyer, Cerridwen, Hecate, or any wolf bitch snarling at you over her pups and daring you to come any closer. Fuck your wishy-washy, soft, mystical moonshine and your pretty fairy dresses. We are fat and ugly and dressed in animal skins, our feet planted in the soil, unafraid of death and the smell of rotting things, which give life to the trees. Continue reading

The Female Principle

“So this is my Credo.  I am an atheist, if by God one means a transcendent Person who acts wilfully within the creation.  I am an agnostic in that I believe our knowledge of “what is” is partial and tentative – a tiny flickering flame in the overwhelming shadows of our ignorance.  I am a pantheist in that I believe empirical knowledge of the sensate world is the surest revelation of whatever is worth being called divine.”

–  Chet Raymo: When God is Gone, Everything is Holy

All right.  This is how it works.  The Universe, or perhaps we should say the Cosmos, is female, and entire unto herself.

In our little corner, we hurtle around our sun, surrounded by the breathtaking spinning galaxies, floating in the luminous dark of Her womb, caught up in the web of Life She weaves, oblivious to all this and obsessed with our patriarchal notions of Light and Spirit, of conquering technology and the ultimate abstraction of nuclear war.  And yet even we still know this in some forgotten corner of our bones.  When last did you hear somebody talk about Father Nature, or Father Earth? Continue reading

Numerology for Alpha Bitches

Male spiritual teachers often love their numerology, and especially the number 1.  Numbers exist as forms and ideas before mere matter is invigorated by them, and thus have deep cosmic significance.

Here are a few gems about the number 1 from the interwebz:

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in search of a cosmology

Understanding how all our beliefs are constructed, how much we have invented on top of the base belief that men should rule, and yet feeling a sense of something leaping alive and aware from a bird, a tree, a nodding poppy; here I stand, a poet in search of a philosophy, a mystic without a god or a cosmology. What shall I believe? What shall I worship? I will start with this earth that sustains me, and yet is larger than me. The next footstep will be my beginning.

The Female Principle – an Introduction

The female principle is the notion that the female is primary; in the cosmos, in biology, amongst ourselves.  If there is such a thing as the Divine, She is Female.

It’s a strange idea for someone who identifies as a radical feminist.  Radfem, with its trenchant materialist analysis of society, culture and structural oppression, owes a great deal to Marxism and Socialist Feminism, but holds that sexism –  the practice of discrimination against women as a sex class –  is the root of all oppression and the foundation of patriarchal society. Continue reading